RealTime-eDOCS™ – A Site-Centric eRegulatory Solution

Technology is shifting the clinical research industry towards electronic solutions that create efficiency while dramatically reducing costs. RealTime-eDOCS™ is the first eRegulatory solution fully integrated with a robust clinical trial management system (RealTime-CTMS™). It’s now easier than ever for sites to eliminate paper-based regulatory binders while managing regulatory documents from study startup to record archive.

Utilizing this eRegulatory solution allows sites to:

  • Save time and money by going paperless
  • Standardize and centralize eRegulatory binders in one secure location
  • Utilize a PET system (Professional Education Training) to manage and track personnel curriculum vitae, professional licenses and certifications
  • Increase efficiency by utilizing electronic signatures
  • Improve collaboration between investigators and sponsors

In addition to the benefits of this eRegulatory solution, CTMS-Integrated RealTime-eDOCS™ implements informed consent tracking for all subjects in a study. No more paper-based consent tracking logs!

Even sponsors and contract research organizations will benefit from a site-centric eRegulatory solution. Sites have the ability to grant remote access to monitors and sponsor contacts. Remote access will potentially reduce travel costs for sponsors while accelerating the process of updating trial master files.


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