Prioritize your subject’s experience – Instant Stipend Payment Solution

Often, study recruitment is a challenge.  The recruitment department is working overtime trying to get to as many community health fairs, networking events with physicians and provide as many workshops to the rest of the staff as they can. And this doesn’t take into account the time and cost involved in advertising outreach (i.e., radio, billboards, social media, TV). Each qualified and enrolled patient has literally taken your team hours to secure. As research staff, you’ve realized that it is difficult to find patients that want to participate and that also meet all the study’s I/E criteria.

Consequently, volunteering for several weeks or months is not an experience many have had. The patient is taking a huge leap of faith and trusting the clinical research process and your research staff. They will expect to be treated with care and to have an overall positive experience. Sites and sponsors that put patient centricity at the forefront of their trials are setting up their sites for better results and patients that will return for future trial participation.

The study subject’s experience (from study start to finish) will impact the way the subject and others in their circle of friends view your site in the future. Maintaining a positive relationship with the subject could go a long way.  Word of mouth clientele can lead to greater local interest in your site and more potential subjects for your future trials.

One essential way to ensure that subjects feel the immediate benefits of participating in a study is by adopting a secure payment system that allows you to instantly reimburse subjects via electronic payment.  By doing so, you will ensure these subjects are paid in a timely manner for their participation and they will leave each visit with immediate stipend compensation and a positive feeling about the time it took to volunteer. The good feelings will then be associated with the trial and your site’s reputation.

On the other hand, if you are not reimbursing these subjects in a timely manner or if the manner of payment is difficult for them to use, they may have a much less positive feeling about the experience overall.  The good news is that timely and efficient payments are not so hard to accomplish when you have the right payment platform! Adopt a subject reimbursement platform that puts customer service and the subject’s experience first. User-friendly portals for staff, convenient reloadable compensation cards for subjects and the potential to bundle your payment solutions with your CTMS is what makes RealTime systems superior.

Learn how RealTime-Site PAY and RealTime-GlobalPAY can increase your patient retention rates for Sponsors, CROs and Sites by ensuring timely and secure payments around the globe! Contact RealTime today to learn more about our patient reimbursement systems to improve retention and patient satisfaction.

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