RealTime-DecenTRIAL: What You Should Know

As our industry shifts to paperless systems, virtual visits, and remote-monitoring, Sites, Sponsors, and CROs must pivot to what is now considered the new norm or business-as-usual.  This transition has encouraged a complete re-thinking of processes and procedures to ensure compliance, efficiency, budgeting and profitability.

RealTime’s vision highlights our continued commitment to reshape the global clinical research industry with innovative solutions. That is why we are excited to announce RealTime-DecenTRIAL, a new way for Sponsors and CROs to manage clinical trials centrally. RealTime-DecenTRIAL allows complete connectivity and real-time remote monitoring for sites while delivering world-class eSource and eRegulatory systems for rapid data and document collection.  DecenTRIAL also supports virtual visits and will soon have eCONSENT built in for even greater convenience.

Key features of RealTime-DecenTRIAL:

Site-Centric eSOURCE

RealTime is an industry leader of site-focused systems proven to bring greater efficiency and improved compliance to sites.  Not all eSOURCE is equal, so putting a site-focused product into the hands of investigators and staff will help ensure success at the site level for your study.

Data Management without EDC

In paper-based trials, data is collected on paper and transposed into EDC.  Not only is the transposition process a lot of work for the sites, but there is also a lot of room for error.  As a result, time-consuming source verification is required by CRAs to ensure that each data point in EDC is an accurate representation of the source collected at the patient bedside.  With DecenTRIAL’s eSOURCE, no transposition is required; source data can be risk-based monitored remotely and rolled up into a final data file for final analysis. DecenTRIAL ultimately saves both sponsors and CROs unprecedented amounts of time and money!

Remote Portal Access and Built-in Query System

Online access allows monitors and research staff to collaborate more effectively during the study. Monitors can quickly review, track, and query records within the monitor portal. This accelerates the monitoring process and provides for real-time oversight of data, compliance, and safety. 

Compliance and Data Integrity

We have you covered with data privacy compliance (GDPR and HIPAA), as well as Part 11 Compliance for computer systems. Complete audit trails and data controls prevent human errors during data collection while improving data quality.

We build the eSource

Our trained eSOURCE specialists will create and maintain your electronic documents to ensure accurate data collection.

Win-Win Solution for Sites and Sponsors

Our system increases site adoption by satisfying the end-user (Study Coordinators and Investigators) while providing Sponsors the data they need; faster, cheaper, and compliant.

Free yourself from the constraints of paper data collection and the time, expense, and inefficiencies of EDC systems. Get started with a new way to manage your trials.  Schedule a free demo today and discover what RealTime-DecenTRIAL can do for your clinical research operations.