San Antonio-based software company is changing the face of the clinical trial industry

San Antonio-based software company is changing the face of the clinical trial industry

RealTime Software Solutions is introducing DecenTRIAL, a site-friendly decentralized study platform that allows Sponsors and CROs to manage clinicals more efficiently, remotely and without the need for costly EDC systems.

San Antonio, TX – In a world becoming more and more virtual, sites, sponsors and CROs are scrambling to find solutions that allow clinical trials to continue uninterrupted. One San Antonio-based software company is proving that they can do just that.

“RealTime DecenTRIAL is an innovative solution that will ultimately change the way the clinical trial industry does business,” says RealTime Software Solutions CEO, Rick Greenfield. “The system streamlines operations by offering an all-in-one solution that provides sites, sponsors, and CROs access to needed clinical trial documents and data remotely while improving site efficiency, lowering trial costs and improving quality and patient safety.”

The clinical trial industry has relied heavily on paper to collect critical trial data leaving room for error and adding high overhead costs to both the sites and sponsors.

“Many sites are still using paper systems, and even those are using electronic paperless systems are still having to transcribe source data into EDC systems,” says Greenfield. “This means that sites are doing more work and the sponsor has to verify all source data either on-site or remotely and in-turn, pay for electronic data capture (EDC) systems. This process comes at a high cost for sponsors, which would be eliminated by utilizing our DecenTRIAL system.”

Though many sites and sponsors alike have been slow to adopt new systems, the coronavirus has forced the industry to look at electronic systems in a new light. Experts say that the change will only help to accelerate the clinical trial process.

Benefits to the DecenTRIAL system include greater efficiency in all phases of the trial process for both sites and sponsors, real-time data delivery, instant data review from any location, and substantial cost savings. This includes access to source and regulatory documents through a virtual monitoring portal and built-in query access.  The system is also GDPR, HIPAA and Part 11 compliant with complete audit trails and data controls.

“It’s not just about saving money by eliminating the need for EDC,” says Greenfield. “Our system is about efficiency and streamlined processes that essentially remove the need for on-site data verification and outdated paper data collection.”

To learn more about RealTime-DecenTRIAL, visit RealTime-CTMS.COM or call 210-852-4310.

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