The RealTime Customer Service Difference with Norma Zayas

Customers are the heart of RealTime-CTMS and each day our team strives to provide outstanding customer support to all of our clients.  Joining RealTime in 2018, Norma Zayas leads the charge as our Success Team Manager, bringing a strong background in account management and client relations. Norma manages our team of dedicated support specialists ready to serve you, our customer.

Keep reading to learn more about Norma and our one-of-a-kind customer service.

  • Tell us about your role and your time with RealTime.

I have been with RealTime a little over 2 years. My role as the Success Team Manager is focused on supporting, directing, and leading a cross-functional team dedicated to Customer Success. Developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty. I work closely with customers to ensure they are satisfied with our services and to improve upon areas of opportunities.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

Many things come to mind but if I had to choose. I would say interacting with the customers, leading a team that is ready to assist customers and open to new ideas to improve our overall customer experience. Finally creating policies and procedures that optimize the customer experience.

  • What’s a typical day for you as the Success Team Manager?

Day starts with addressing emails for multiple clients regarding onboarding, implementation, feedback etc. Attending meetings, assisting with questions, and/or training.

  • How do you ensure customers receive top customer service?  

Putting them in the center of everything we do!

  • How does RealTime go above and beyond for customers?

RealTime continues to innovate to improve the customer’s experience and tailoring the system to make our customer’s job easier.

  • How do new customers get started with RealTime?

It is very simple!  Just reach out to our Sales Team and they will schedule a demo to get them started. There is no other CTMS like ours in the market today! Thank you, Norma, for your dedication to our RealTime customers. If you are interested in scheduling a demo for CTMS, eDOCS, eSOURCE, GlobalPAY, SitePAY, TEXT, or any of our other solutions, call (210) 852-4310 or fill out a Contact Form.