Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Patient Entry

In the past, managing patient profiles within a clinical trial management system was time-consuming, bordering on frustrating. Today, this process has been made easy with RealTime’s “Import Patients” feature. Employing simple and intuitive navigation, RealTime customers can transfer patient profiles from other resources or systems into the CTMS quickly and easily.  With this feature, you can say hello to simpler functionality and goodbye to:

  1. Manual Patient Entry. Entering patient profiles one at a time is now a thing of the past. With RealTime, you can import hundreds, even thousands, of subjects at once.
  1. Duplicate Entries. RealTime’s duplicate entry algorithm analyzes the combination of first name, last name, phone number, email address, and date of birth before deciding whether it is a duplicate or novel patient. The algorithm goes a step further by automatically updating information from a duplicate entry to the existing profile in RealTime.
  1. Unverified Phone Numbers. With RealTime-TEXT, every time a user puts a number into a subject’s profile, a verification is performed to determine whether it’s a mobile or home phone number. RealTime fixes clerical errors for you.

If you would like to save money by getting your study up and running faster with the RealTime’s Patient Import tool and TEXT features, schedule a free demo by contacting us here.