RealTime Releases First ‘Sign on the Line’ Technology in the Industry

San Antonio, TX — RealTime Software Solutions, LLC now offers ‘Sign on the Line’ technology integrated across all CTMS and eDOCS systems at no additional cost to customers to address concerns of clinical research site auditors and regulators. The new ‘Sign on the Line’ software feature utilizes similar technology as major signature companies such as DocuSign® and HelloSign® to place actual signature impressions throughout a document. This highly requested feature now allows clinical trial research sites, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and trial Sponsors to collect FDA Part 11 compliant electronic signatures exactly where required on a document.

‘Sign on the Line’ technology offers a more real-world experience for users that need to sign records such as FDA Form 1572s, Financial Disclosure Forms (FDF) and binding study agreements. Current eSignatures offered within other clinical research document management systems only allow for one general eSignature on the ‘back page’ of a record to indicate a signatory’s approval or acknowledgement of an entire document. Additionally, current technologies do not allow for acknowledgements of specific sections, the ability to checkmark certain areas as true/false or yes/no, or include additional elements such as comment fields and date insertions.
The limitations of current eSignature solutions are a concern with auditors and regulators, which is why RealTime prioritized the development of this solution and brought it to the market. Further, instead of integrating with a large eSignature vendor, RealTime fully developed this technology to make it an affordable add-on feature for no additional cost to RealTime customers!

“We are very excited to announce this new technology that vastly improves the eSignature processes within RealTime for all our customers,” said Rick Greenfield, CEO of RealTime Software Solutions CEO and Lead Inventor. “Capturing an investigator’s signature on the signature line of an FDA-regulated document is important, and regulators have voiced concerns with how legacy systems handle eSignatures. RealTime is committed to improving these advanced electronic systems for all stakeholders to ensure better, more efficient and more compliant processes.”

About Real-Time: RealTime Software Solutions, LLC provides innovative software products for clinical trial research sites, site networks, sponsors and CROs to manage complex clinical research processes with powerful, user-friendly interfaces that are revolutionizing how research gets done.