New Customer Feature Request Form Brings Ideas to Life

At RealTime, we are constantly investing in technology improvements to ensure customers get the most out of RealTime solutions. We take our customer’s input seriously and use it to make sure our solutions meet their needs. In fact, most of our updates have originated directly from the voice of our customers!

In an effort to encourage customers to submit more ideas, RealTime recently launched a Feature Update Request Form. The form is available in the Resources section of the RealTime University. When you submit the form, the RealTime team reviews and evaluates the feedback. We evaluate each submission against several factors. These include alignment with RealTime’s mission/vision, product strategy, technology roadmap, industry versus site-specific need, and much more. The process follows a strict internal evaluation before rendering a final decision on whether or not to move forward with a customer’s submission.
While RealTime cannot proceed with all requests, many of them end up in production. If we choose to move forward with a request, customers are notified and kept abreast of the progress and the potential timing for delivery. We may even offer them the opportunity to Beta test the update once it becomes available.  

If you are a customer and would like to submit an idea, you can access the form in the RealTime University under “Resources.”

If you aren’t yet a customer and would like to explore the many customer-inspired features RealTime offers, fill out the “Contact Us” form at the top of this page and we’d be glad to arrange a free demo for you.