Maximize Your ROI with RealTime’s Customer Success Services

When you sign on with RealTime, you’re not just receiving comprehensive clinical research software, you’re also gaining access to a full range of onboarding and training solutions. The more you take advantage of these services, the better your staff will be able to use the system’s full spectrum of features designed to maximize study success and your site’s Return on Investment (ROI).

To make sure you are fully taking advantage of these services, check out this list of what you have access to:

Group Trainings

Sign up for one of our continuous group training sessions and your staff will be able to ask questions that specifically pertain to your site. In addition to general user training, sessions are offered on Template Building, Recruitment, Accounting, eDOCS, eSOURCE and more.

These trainings are conducted in our RealTime DEMO system so your data will never be shared. They are also recorded so you can refer back to them or show them to new staff members in the future.

Another great benefit of attending these training sessions is that you will be able to hear the questions that other customers might have and learn about different scenarios that could be helpful to you in the future.  

While this is commonly used in the onboarding phase, customers have access to it for the entire lifetime of using RealTime’s solutions.  Scheduling a periodic training session can be beneficial to learn about new features and functionalities that you may not be fully utilizing that could increase your efficiencies.

University Videos

In some cases, site staff may just need a refresher on how to use one specific feature or there is a new staff member who needs to learn the system. In these scenarios, the RealTime University training portal contains “how to” videos and system manuals which provide a great environment to continue the ongoing learning process. Even just browsing through the list of what’s available could spur an idea for how to better use the system to improve your study outcomes.

System Reviews

Another Customer Success service that can bring to light features and efficiencies your site is missing out on is by receiving one of our comprehensive annual System Reviews. By participating in one of these free sessions, you can identify which features your site may not be using that could improve the study outcomes and ROI for the entire site.

To summarize, the more you take advantage of these Customer Success services, the more your investment in RealTime systems will pay off. If you would like to sign up for one of these services, reach out to our Customer Success Team at