Secrets to Becoming a Top Recruiter for Clinical Research Studies

According to the National Library of Medicine, an estimated 80% of trials fail to meet enrollment deadlines resulting in recruitment extensions and even termination of studies. If you are a clinical research site owner, this is most likely not a surprise. What you may not know is that this doesn’t have to be a significant problem. With the right tools, recruiting can be not only more effective but easier to manage.

This is why RealTime Software Solutions integrated recruitment software features into its CTMS and advocates for sites to combine them with a coordinated advertising plan. With those two efforts working hand-in-hand, researchers can easily maximize study recruitment efforts and become top enrollers.

While these tools are very powerful and have the capability to increase recruitment dramatically, very few research sites leverage their full potential. In many cases, it’s because site staff simply don’t know about the integrations available and how easy they are to set up and use within their CTMS. In other cases, they don’t realize how much they can truly help to create streamlined workflows and highly efficient processes that result in an excellent ROI on overall recruitment investments. In order to shed light on the tools available and their enormous potential, here are a few of RealTime’s most popular features that can transform recruitment efforts.

Website Integrations 

With the RealTime-CTMS Web Integration, research sites can directly list studies on their website from their CTMS with no coding skills required! This tool allows you to complete the following:

    • Add/remove recruiting studies from your website.

    • Customize study listings and landing pages that can be styled to match your website, color scheme, font style, and more.

    • Include images, text, URLs, videos, etc., in your listings to promote your study effectively to participants.

    • Set up all recruitment-related fields in the “Study Admin” section.

    • Send an automated email to all subjects in your database.

Recruitment Integrations

RealTime’s Recruitment Campaign Manager helps you track ad spend budgets and patient referrals in one streamlined tool. In addition, RealTime offers robust integrations with Facebook Lead Generation Forms, Twilio, SubjectWell, Aspen Insights, and many more!

MASS Texting Feature

RealTime’s mass text tool allows research sites to text thousands of patients with just one click. This powerful software allows you to boost your recruitment, communicate information about new studies to your database, and auto-notify patients with appointment reminders, which increases compliance and retention.

Mobile APP  

To help increase referrals and boost recruitment efforts, doctors, investigators, and site team members can easily refer patients directly to studies from RealTime’s MobileAPP. Those referrals drop into the applicable study recruitment roster within the CTMS so the site staff can immediately follow up with the participant!

Subject Matching Report

RealTime’s Subject Matching Report can help you leverage your existing patient database with the following capabilities:  

    • Locate highly qualified subjects in your existing database.

    • Export lists of subjects to import into the email client of your choice or auto-transfer them to Mailchimp. 

    • Assign participants to a study recruitment roster for the recruitment team to follow up with them.

    • Mass text to instantly notify contacts about open studies appropriate for their particular needs or indication.

We hope you found learning about these features enlightening and are able to take advantage of them. On top of improving your organization’s study enrollment, your efforts will allow us to collectively take steps as an industry to improve clinical trial recruitment overall!

To learn more about RealTime-CTMS and our recruitment tools in more detail, click here to schedule a FREE demo!