Elise Tawfiq is Director of Sales for RealTime-CTMS: Clinical Trial Management System. Solutions for Clinical Research industry.

Elise Tawfiq

Director of Sales

Elise Tawfiq has over 15 years’ experience in the clinical research industry. She managed a research site in which she was responsible for oversight of all clinical research activities to include business development, budget/contract negotiation, recruitment planning, oversight of clinical research staff, and management of data. For 7 years, Ms. Tawfiq worked for one of the largest multi-specialty, phase 1-4 research sites in the US. Currently, Ms. Tawfiq is the Product Manager for the GlobalPAY and TEXT programs at RealTime Software Solutions. Elise’s experience at the site level, greatly assists her clients in finding creative way to excel in the clinical research industry. Elise has a deep understanding of research site processes and challenges that exist in clinical research. Elise now teaches sites how to leverage technology to gain an edge and succeed in a challenging business environment.