Get better insight and increase profitability with Realtime's API

R-Connect, RealTime’s API service for data access, provides a simple and efficient way to seamlessly integrate RealTime data with your other critical systems such as CRM, ERP, EMR, analytics and business intelligence (BI) platforms.

Transform your Research

Seamlessly access your Realtime-CTMS data, for multiple, sites, studies, participants, accounting systems, and more in many different systems.

Improved Efficiency

Save time and money by eliminating tasks that take staff hundreds of hours to complete

Enhanced Visibility

Gain valuable insights by analyzing RealTime's data in your Analytics/BI platform

Reliable Performance

Handle high volumes of requests with a cloud-based native scalable infrastructure

Secure Access

Ensure your data is always secure with signed bearers tokens

Easily Integrate

OData enabled RESTful API allows focused data consumption while simplifying interoperability

Quick Set up

User-friendly documentation with code examples make R-connect easy to get started