What Makes a Good Site CTMS?

What Makes a Good Site CTMS? [by: Rick Greenfield] In the course of searching for a good CTMS solution, many site stakeholders are faced with the challenge of determining which of the CTMS products currently on the market are going to be the right fit for their site and personnel.   What makes evaluating and selecting … Read more

Site Recruitment Tactics – Linking with CTMS

Site Recruitment Tactics – Linking with CTMS [by: Rick Greenfield] There are many clinical research sites that have discovered the benefits of web-based advertising for study-specific recruitment, general site branding and database building. Most sites are not linked up with a CTMS to track the effectiveness of individual advertising runs and manage outcomes of every … Read more

RealTime-PAY™ – Instant Gratification for Research Subjects

GlobalPAY keyboard

According to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), greater than 60% of research sites are now paying their research subjects on the same day that subjects complete their visits. As a result, these sites are seeing better subject compliance and lower no-show rates. Most likely, this is due to … Read more

Website Integration with RealTime-CTMS

your website RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Website Integration with RealTime-CTMS [by: Rick Greenfield] Most clinical research sites have a website to provide sponsors and potential subjects information about their facility, staff, and enrolling studies. According to a survey conducted by PEW, 87% of American adults use the internet. Failing to focus on a strong web presence could hamper a sites ability … Read more

RealTime Becomes First CTMS to Integrate Text Reminders

Since their emergence on the market, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) have made it possible for research sites to rapidly respond to the growing complexity of executing clinical research protocols. One such CTMS, RealTime-CTMS™, empowers its customers to enhance productivity and effectiveness by providing a powerful, yet intuitive interface for research staff and site stakeholders. … Read more

RealTime-CTMS: Built by and for Clinical Research Sites

RealTime-CTMS Clinical Trial Management Systems Software

Do the increases in protocol complexity, greater regulatory oversight and need for efficiency in clinical trials have you wishing for a better Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS)? Your wishing may be over as RealTime-CTMS lives up to its name, delivering up-to-date Real Time information as it happens. Although there is no lack of CTMS systems, … Read more