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Advanced Trial Management for Sponsors and CROs

Maximize efficiencies, improve trial management, and reduce costs with DecenTRIAL.


Free yourself from traditional EDC systems. Manage clinical trials from start to finish on a single platform.


Investigator sites around the globe already use RealTime systems.

Powerful Remote Monitoring From Anywhere!

Manage clinical trials from start to finish on a single platform.

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Customize a solution that fits your specific needs. The only limit is your imagination!


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Key Benefits

Advanced data collection and management
Advanced Data Collection and Management
Modernize site data collection and data roll-up with advanced eSOURCE tools.
Site-Friendly eSOURCE
A proven eSOURCE solution built to maximize site workflows and efficiencies.
Site-friendly eSOURCE
Remote trial management/monitoring
Remote Trial Management/Monitoring
Advanced web-based dashboards allow for completely remote trial management.
Real-Time Reporting
Analyze and review site progress and data in real-time as visits are completed.
RealTime reporting
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Direct Data Capture

Reduced trial timelines
Reduce Trial Timelines
Eliminate EDC transcription to drive timely data reporting.
Data Integrity
Prevent human errors and improve data quality.
Data inegrity
RealTime data checks
Data Checks
Set data parameters to reduce deviations.
Complete Audit Trials
Robust audit trails allow users to reconstruct study events.
Complete audit trials
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Happy clinical site researcher
Satisfy The End-User
Investigators and Study Coordinators love RealTime!
Customized Workflow
Customize visit workflows to match site operating procedures.
Customized workflow
Sponsor and doctor high fiving
Win-Win for Site and Sponsors
Sites receive awesome eSource documents and Sponsors receive the data they need.
Site-Approved Mobile App
Users collect data with our site-focused mobile app.
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Remote Portal Access

Built in query system
Built-In Query System
Review, track, and query records and data points.
Less Travel
Dramatically cut down travel costs for monitors/CRAs.
Cutdown on travel cost
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Improve Trial Oversight
Make quicker and more confident decisions.
Increased Patient Safety
Maintain more visibility for safer trials.
Realtime DecenTrial alerts