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A Complete Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS)

Operate at peak performance with simple navigation and comprehensive solutions for all of your needs including recruitment, CRC activities, finances, site management and more.


Maximize your recruitment strategy and become a top enroller.

CRC Management

Stay organized and on track for study success.

Study Finances

Don’t leave money on the table! Make sure you are paid in full, on time!

Customer Experience

Enjoy the best customer service in the industry.

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Customize a solution that fits your specific needs. The only limit is your imagination!

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A Complete CTMS

Growing patient database
Speed Up Recruitment
Manage and Schedule Visits With Ease
Scheduling built in
Track Finances to the Penny
Enjoy World-Class Customer Service
5 star clinical trials management system
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We help grow patient database
Grow Your Patient Database
  • Integrations for your website, Facebook ads, and Subjectwell
  • MobileAPP referral options for physicians and staff
Manage Ad Campaigns
  • Patient referral metrics for each campaign
  • Financial tracking for ROI
CTMS Manage Ad Campaigns
Recruit participants with a trackable funnel
Recruit Participants With a Trackable Funnel
  • Configurable progressive recruitment statuses
  • Follow-up tools such as calendar reminders
Remarket Directly From Your Database
  • MailChimp integration for email blasts
  • Mass texting campaigns for each new study
Remarket directly from your database
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CRC Activities

Scheduling built in
  • Automate study target dates and window calculations
  • Outlook integration and text reminders
  • Individual, departmental and company calendars for ultimate visibility
Task Management
  • Alerts and notifications for important tasks and follow-ups
  • Easily view upcoming visits, overdue visits, and pending actions
Task assignment alerts
Patient visit tracking on tablet
Patient Visit Tracking
  • Simplified data entry for visit completion
  • Electronic log with comprehensive overview of visit statuses
  • Easy access to visit and/or subject information
  • Patient enrollment statuses for quick view of performance metrics
Advanced Reporting
  • Study enrollment metrics
  • Prescreening logs
  • Visit tracking logs
  • Complete visibility of staff productivity
Advanced reporting
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Study Finances

Contract and budget features
Contracts & Budgets
  • Study procurement milestone tracking
  • Complete accounting for simple and complex study budgets
  • Automated screenfail ratio and max tracking
  • Study milestone payment tracking
  • Automation of earnings/expenses, receivables/payables, and billables for visit and study level financial activity
  • Interactive financial overview for each study
  • Missed billing opportunities are avoided with automated processes
Accounting features
Study finance reports
  • Dynamic reporting to aid in collection processes and study financial reconciliation
  • High-level reporting for company financials
  • Leverage inSITES – our powerful custom report builder
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Customer Experience

Realtime client speaking with live customer service
Personal Contact
Get help from a live person!
ComplImentary Group Training Sessions
Unlimited group training sessions available to support your growing team
Free group training sessions
RealTime University
24/7 Online Resources
Enjoy unlimited access to training videos, system manuals, videos and tutorials in our RealTime University