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R-Connect, RealTime’s API service for data access, provides a simple and efficient way to seamlessly integrate RealTime data with your other critical systems such as CRM, ERP, EMR, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) platforms.

Improved Efficiency: Save time and money by eliminating tasks that take staff hundreds of hours to complete

Secure Access: Ensure your data is always secure with signed bearers tokens

Enhanced Visibility: Gain valuable insights by analyzing RealTime’s data in your analytics/BI platform

Easily Integrate: OData enabled RESTful API allows focused data consumption while simplifying interoperability

Reliable Performance: Handle high volumes of requests with a cloud-based native scalable infrastructure

Quick Set Up: User-friendly documentation with code examples make it easy to get started

RealTime-CTMS integrates with the following solutions to make our Clinical Trial Management System even more powerful: