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eRegulatory Binders for clinical trials

RealTime's eReg solution offers one secure location for quick and easy access to investigator site files (eISF) for staff, doctors, monitors and auditors.

Sign on the Line



Sign documents from anywhere, anytime.

Electronic Delegation Logs

Eliminate paper delegation logs forever.


Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and GDPR.

Platform Integration

RealTime's eRegulatory solution fits seamlessly within the first and only SOMS on the market.

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Download the Outlook Add-In

RealTime’s proprietary Add-In provides the ability to drag and drop documents and email directly into your eRegulatory binders.

Current Version: 1.2.0053

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Customize a solution that fits your specific needs. The only limit is your imagination!


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Electronic Regulatory Binders

Unlimited server storage
Unlimited Storage
Store and manage records from study startup to closeout.
Standardized Filing
Create standard master templates that are fully customizable at the study level.
eDOCS on devices
Qualification record management
Qualification Record Management
Easily maintain CVs, licenses, certifications and more with our Professional Education Training and Tracking (PETT) system.
Automated Workflows
Eliminate redundant filing across multiple studies.
Woman happy over automated workflows
Ability to archive
Digital Archiving
Record Retention with a click of a button!
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Sign on the line

Assign signee order
Assign Signee Order
Manage the order in which your recipients receive and sign documents.
Organize Signature Elements
Customize signature elements directly on the record.
Organize signature elements
Sign on the line using eDOCS RealTime
Sign On The Line

Apply electronic signatures directly within the required signature field.

Sign Anywhere
Flexible online signing with the RealTime-MobileAPP.
EDOCS let you sign anywhere
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Fingerprint technology and facial recognition features built in
Fingerprint Technology and Facial Recognition
Sign quickly using Touch/Face ID.
Signature Requests
Manage signature requests from staff and investigators.
eDOCS sign documents feature
eDOCS notifications
A dedicated user notification page groups all your task items just like a ‘To-Do’ list.
Tracking signature due dates and statuses.
Tracking signatures
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Doctors using eDOCS
Study Role Management

Standardize and customize roles across studies.

Task Management
Assign delegated tasks with the click of a button.
Task management
Signature with eDOCS
Rapid Completion
Quickly collect signatures from staff and investigators.
Change Control
Authorize and manage all additions and changes to the delegation log.
Manage control
Automated processes
Automated Processes
Automated notifications to drive compliance.
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Man using RealTime CTMS

Audit Readiness

Facilitate audits and inspections.

Online Monitor Portal

Allow on-site or remote access to monitors, auditors and inspectors.
Online monitor portal
eDOCS QC checkpoints

Quality Assurance

System notifications for expiring documents and checkpoints to prevent user error.

Built-in Query Management System

Collaborate with your monitor using our query management system.
Built-in query management system
Complete audit trails

Complete Audit Trails

Robust audit trails allow users to reconstruct study events.
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Platform Integration

RealTime Outlook add on
outlook Add-In
Review, upload and sign documents directly from your email.
Mobile App
Manage personal contacts and view or sign documents on-the-go through Fingerprint Technology and Facial Recognition.
eDOCS Mobile App
ICF TRACKING screenshot
ICF Tracking

Track signed Informed Consents on all patients.