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Aspen Insights

Increase Study Enrollment Rates and Revenues with Best-in-Class EMR/EHR Patient Identification Technology

Streamline your recruitment workflow and exceed your contracted enrollment goals with Aspen Insight’s software application that uses machine learning algorithms to identify ideal study candidates and deliver them directly into your RealTime-CTMS®. Save up to 66 hours of manual chart review per study with EMR search capabilities that highlight patient eligibility criterion and can project study feasibility.
Population Analysis ​

Population Analysis

Provides insight into patient counts and demographics of a given cohort to understand indication population specifics.
Enrollment Feasibility Analysis

Enrollment Feasibility Analysis

Features intuitive solutions to assess a site’s access to patients that qualify for a given clinical trial.
Candidate Identification ​

Candidate Identification

Alleviates the need to perform time-consuming, tedious searches through the EMR to identify patients for trial enrollment.
Recruitment Tracking ​

Recruitment Tracking

Includes a flexible workflow solution, complete with patient match review and triage, staff approval queues, a centralized recruitment framework, and CTMS integration.

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