RealTime-CTMS eSOURCE clinical trials studies

Electronic Data Capture

Eliminate paper processes and streamline data collection.

Online & Mobile eSignatures

Sign documents from anywhere, anytime.

Data Accuracy Assurances

Drive compliance and reduce protocol deviations.


Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and GDPR.

Platform Integration

RealTime-eSOURCE fits seamlessly within the first and only SOMS on the market.

RealTime-CTMS eSOURCE clinical trials studies


Customize a solution that fits your specific needs. The only limit is your imagination!


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Electronic Data Capture

customize documents
Build custom eSOURCE documents to standardize processes and workflows.
Create reminders for doctors and staff to take action.
eSOURCE collaborate between doctors
eSOURCE Assess Safety
Assess Safety
Quickly review, assess and sign procedures, labs and other reports.

Assign study roles to procedures and documents.

built in delegate roles
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Online & Mobile Signatures

Fingerprint Technology & Facial Recognition

Sign quickly using Touch/Face ID.

Signature Handoff

Doctors can easily sign without logging the study coordinator off the system.

Doctor on tablet

A dedicated user notification page groups all your task items just like a ‘To-Do’ list.

Check the status of all notifications to ensure completion by doctors and staff.
Track notifications
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Data Accuracy Assurances

Data checks built in
Data checks

Set data parameters to reduce deviations.

Required Fields

Establish required fields to walk users through data collection.

Dr with required field alart
eSOURCE Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Assign read-only privilege for QA/QC users to issue internal site queries.

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Woman using eSOURCE
Audit Readiness
Facilitate audits and inspections.
Online Monitor Portal
Allow on-site or remote access to monitors, auditors and inspectors.
Online monitor portal
Built-in query management system
Built-In Query Management System

Collaborate with your monitor using our built-in query management system.

Complete Audit Trails

Robust audit trails allow users to reconstruct study events.

Doctors looking at eSOURCE
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Platform Integration

eSOURCE patient portal - MyStudyManager empowers participants with eCONSENT, ePRO, virtual visits and more.
Participant Portal
MyStudyManager empowers participants with eCONSENT, ePRO, virtual visits and more.
Recruitment Integration

Synchronize CTMS medical history with eSOURCE to reduce double-entry of data.

Recruitment integration built in
eSOURCE financial linking
Financial Linking

Link financial procedures with eSOURCE to drive CTMS financial tracking.


Collect data on the go!

eSOURCE mobile app