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Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES integrates with RealTime-CTMS

Track Workflows & Capture Metrics

Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES is a centralized operations and analytics platform designed to track all study start-up workflows and capture metrics allowing you to identify your strongest indications, monitor your sites efficiency and timing, as well as forecast your revenue more accurately.

Cut cycle times and improve operational efficiency

Analyze Timing and Performance metrics to pinpoint bottlenecks

Win more of the right studies with data Sponsors/CROs crave

Manage using custom dashboards and reports

Integrates with Outlook and CTMS to save time

Get Started with Devana Integration!

If you have any questions about the benefits of integrating RealTime-CTMS and Devana Solutions® IGNITE FOR SITES, we’d love to talk to you! We can also assist with the integration process.