Growing your database: The importance of collecting full medical histories

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So your research site has great marketing campaigns, referrals are coming in and you are keeping track of everything with RealTime-CTMS. You’re even calling potential patients within 24 hours, attempting to contact them multiple times and sending emails. But something is missing… A complete medical history. Unfortunately many RealTime sites aren’t utilizing the medical history … Read more

Leverage Your Website to Recruit Subjects

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  By: Rick E. Greenfield – CEO, RealTime Software Solutions, LLC One of the greatest challenges facing clinical research sites around the globe is meeting recruitment goals for clinical trials.  As protocol complexity has grown, so has the challenge of meeting recruitment goals on time.  Depending on the study indication and protocol complexity, sites may … Read more

RealTime-CTMS is Now Integrated with MailChimp!

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Thats right… RealTime can now connect with MailChimp to auto-populate subject and sponsor/CRO email distribution lists for business development and community outreach.  With this integration, when you add a business contact or research subject into your RealTime-CTMS database, or even if they apply online through RealTime’s web-integration, the contact is automatically added to MailChimp.  This means that … Read more

Give Your Site an Instant Revenue Boost – Track Every Dollar!

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So many clinical research sites are looking for ways to increase their bottom line.  Budget negotiations are one area of focus as sites around the world are fighting for fairer compensation for the work involved with conducting clinical trials.  But one of the most common reasons that money gets lost at research sites is due … Read more

Site Recruitment Success – Building a Robust Subject Database

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When sponsors and CRO’s talk about good sites, there is a huge amount of emphasis placed on one critical factor; the ability of a site to meet recruitment goals. One misconception that sponsors and CRO’s seem to have is that research subjects come out of a doctor’s own practice. There are always exceptions, and certainly … Read more

What Makes a Good Site CTMS?

What Makes a Good Site CTMS? [by: Rick Greenfield] In the course of searching for a good CTMS solution, many site stakeholders are faced with the challenge of determining which of the CTMS products currently on the market are going to be the right fit for their site and personnel.   What makes evaluating and selecting … Read more

Site Recruitment Tactics – Linking with CTMS

Site Recruitment Tactics – Linking with CTMS [by: Rick Greenfield] There are many clinical research sites that have discovered the benefits of web-based advertising for study-specific recruitment, general site branding and database building. Most sites are not linked up with a CTMS to track the effectiveness of individual advertising runs and manage outcomes of every … Read more

RealTime-PAY™ – Instant Gratification for Research Subjects

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According to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), greater than 60% of research sites are now paying their research subjects on the same day that subjects complete their visits. As a result, these sites are seeing better subject compliance and lower no-show rates. Most likely, this is due to … Read more

Website Integration with RealTime-CTMS

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Website Integration with RealTime-CTMS [by: Rick Greenfield] Most clinical research sites have a website to provide sponsors and potential subjects information about their facility, staff, and enrolling studies. According to a survey conducted by PEW, 87% of American adults use the internet. Failing to focus on a strong web presence could hamper a sites ability … Read more

RealTime Becomes First CTMS to Integrate Text Reminders

Since their emergence on the market, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) have made it possible for research sites to rapidly respond to the growing complexity of executing clinical research protocols. One such CTMS, RealTime-CTMS™, empowers its customers to enhance productivity and effectiveness by providing a powerful, yet intuitive interface for research staff and site stakeholders. … Read more