Growing your database: The importance of collecting full medical histories

So your research site has great marketing campaigns, referrals are coming in and you are keeping track of everything with RealTime-CTMS. You’re even calling potential patients within 24 hours, attempting to contact them multiple times and sending emails.

But something is missing… A complete medical history.

Unfortunately many RealTime sites aren’t utilizing the medical history tab of the patient profile, which is one of the most crucial parts of the system when it comes to growing your database. Collecting a full history is not only important to determine whether or not a subject qualifies for a current study, but crucial for future studies as well.

In the medical history section, recruiters are able to collect a full history of potential subjects including use of contacts and glasses, to a history of cancer, gastrointestinal issues and everything in between.

Users can also collect surgical history, current or past use of medications, and social history such as drug use, alcohol use, birth control and more. Having complete medical histories for your research patients means that pulling a list of patients using the Subject Matching Report will yield results to help you fill future studies. It also brings added value to your site when it comes to CROS’s and pharma companies looking for sites with a solid database of patients.

Start building your biggest asset; a robust research subject database with medical histories. The time invested today will bring your site great enrollment successes tomorrow.

As always, the team at RealTime is here to help you make the most of your site database and answer any questions you might have.

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