Give Your Site an Instant Revenue Boost – Track Every Dollar!

RealTime-CTMS will make tracking every dollar possible at your site.

So many clinical research sites are looking for ways to increase their bottom line.  Budget negotiations are one area of focus as sites around the world are fighting for fairer compensation for the work involved with conducting clinical trials.  But one of the most common reasons that money gets lost at research sites is due to the fact that they don’t fully account for all of the work that is being done, and they don’t track every dollar to make sure that the sponsor pays in full.  This is an area where RealTime-CTMS, a leading Clinical Trial Management System built specifically for clinical research sites and institutions, can make a huge difference.  RealTime was built by site professionals that know the nuances of the clinical research business and how to best navigate the challenges presented with accounting for all of the different sponsor/CRO budgeting terms that a site has to work with.  Most sites get an instant raise when they switch to using RealTime-CTMS because they can finally track every dollar, invoice, collect and reconcile.

In addition to simply accounting for those precious dollars, RealTime also increases efficiency in all departments, leading to increased production.  Recruiters will recruit more, coordinators will see more subjects, accounting personnel will be able to track every dollar with ease and managers will have valuable performance data that they need to keep operations maximized.

All of this is possible with RealTime-CTMS and its many features including RealTime-TEXT, a fully integrated appointment text message reminder system, and RealTime-PAY, an integrated stipend reloadable card payment system.  Our newest feature is an integration with MailChimp to allow for auto list population with site subjects and sponsor/CRO contacts for business development engagement activities.

No CTMS can do what RealTime-CTMS can.

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