ESOURCE Document Building with RealTime Keeps Your Sites Ahead

As new studies are coming up at your site, there is a lot to think about and prepare for.  Getting studies set up in your CTMS for visit and financial tracking is one important process but building great source to drive excellent data collection processes is another major hurdle to being ready to execute.

eSOURCE has paved the way for faster, more efficient source building to include advanced data checks, user delegation management, and other ALCOA-related checks and balances.  Ensuring that your eSOURCE is of high quality and meets industry standards requires a lot of time and effort from your staff and can take them away from more important activities necessary to successfully conduct currently enrolling and ongoing studies.

Keep reading to find out how our eSOURCE document building service can help.

RealTime has an eSOURCE Document Building Team that will:

Save Your Staff Precious Time

Building eSource documents requires breaking down lengthy protocols and EDC requirements for each study. With RealTime’s eSOURCE document building service, you can free up the time spent on building eSOURCE by utilizing our trained professionals so CRCs can focus on visit execution. 

Increase Your Profitability

While RealTime is building eSOURCE for your next study, your skilled staff can be producing.  Whether enrolling more subjects, conducting more visits or devoting extra time to other study start-up activities, your team can focus on important tasks, ensuring your site is ready to initiate on time.

Better eSOURCE!

The RealTime Team will build your source to help ensure that the protocol is followed, all EDC data points are captured, GCPs are upheld, and regulatory compliance is maintained.  The RealTime Team is made up of industry professionals trained in the art of building great eSOURCE by prior CRCs and QA Managers of leading sites.

RealTime’s eSource document building service is not only great… it’s affordable!

Call or email RealTime today to get an eSOURCE building quote for your next study.