5 More Things To Look for in an eRegulatory System

As technology evolves, so must we. We can’t settle for the same technology just because that’s the system we’ve always used. In our previous blog, “5 Things to Look for in an eRegulatory System,” we discussed what to look for in an eRegulatory system for clinical trial management. User experience, a monitoring portal, secure centralized filing, compliance with Part-11 and HIPAA, and customer support are still as important as ever – but technology has evolved since then – and so have we. So here are 5 more things to look for in an eRegulatory system.

Online and Mobile Signatures

Don’t waste valuable time printing out documents, signing them, scanning them, and sending them back. With RealTime’s eDOCS, you can sign your electronic regulatory documents on your computer or even in our mobile app. In fact, RealTime is the first eRegulatory system to go mobile with unique features such as fingerprint technology for eSignatures and managing signatures electronically.

Remote Audit Readiness

Maintaining audit-readiness is crucial to limiting unexpected setbacks, but so many factors go into preparing for audits that it can seem daunting. With eDOCS, you can remotely manage important documents, vendor and technology qualification, employee training programs, employee feedback programs and so much more. This way, you won’t have to scramble to collect all the necessary information should an audit arise.  (You can read more on audit-readiness here.)

Collaboration Capabilities

The eDOCS cart lets you group documents for easy sharing and bulk signing. Instead of tracking colleagues down individually or trying to find a time for everyone to fit a meeting into their schedule, you can now simply collaborate in one shared portal.

Email Integration

RealTime’s proprietary Outlook add-in provides the ability to drag and drop documents and emails directly into your eRegulatory binders. Don’t waste time searching for the right folder anymore.


Streamlining your clinical trial management shouldn’t come at the detriment of your budget. With RealTime, you get more of the features that set your trials up for success with less of the cost. There’s no obligation to pre-purchase studies. Sign up for a free demo today.