How a Mobile App Improves Site Clinical Trial Performance

By Rick Greenfield, CEO, RealTime Software Solutions LLC

Does your CTMS system have a dedicated mobile app?  If not, you may be asking, “Why would I even need a CTMS mobile app?  My current CTMS vendor claims that it is not necessary because my CTMS scales to mobile devices.”  Let’s dive into how RealTime, the only CTMS company to have a dedicated mobile app, is enabling clinical research coordinators, investigators, and other front-line researchers to execute their daily tasks more efficiently and effectively using tools that are only possible with a mobile app. The following are some of the key benefits that RealTime customers can enjoy by using the features on our MobileApp:

  • A streamlined and simplified interface allows quick access to study resources, patients, visits, documents, and eSOURCE forms on the go.
  • Push notifications alert investigators and staff of important tasks such as document signatures, urgent reviews of data or safety assessments, and more.
  • Fingerprint and face ID authentication offer quick and secure access on a phone or tablet
  • Fast e-signing of regulatory and source documents on a user’s phone or tablet from virtually anywhere
  • Quick access to key study documents such as the protocol, inclusion/exclusion quick reference guides, safety reports, ICFs and more!
  • Easy referral of study volunteers by doctors and staff into applicable studies
  • Voice dictation into eSOURCE data collection forms and assessments of all kinds
  • Visit completion assessment to include one-touch stipend payment to the subject’s RealTime-PAY card
  • And so much more!

As you can see, a mobile app interface is a much more focused tool that ultimately makes the investigators’ lives and research-specific tasks much more streamlined.  Coordinators and other clinical staff also benefit from a more focused and condensed tool that helps to drive their daily visits and tasks in a fast-paced and often mobile environment.  There is no need to have the full accounting suite, extensive recruitment modules, and all of the intricate nuisances found in a full CTMS to be present in a front-line tool such as a mobile app.  RealTime recognizes the needs of both investigators and research clinicians and puts tools in their hands that make their jobs easier and allow for efficient execution of study tasks.

To see how RealTime’s MobileApp is an industry game-changer, contact our Customer Solutions Team for a focused demonstration. If you are already a RealTime-CTMS customer, our Customer Success Team can show you how to leverage the RealTime mobile app today, at no additional cost, for improved operations and happy staff!