Did You Know RealTime-eDOCS Lite Comes FREE with RealTime’s CTMS?

Our goal at RealTime-CTMS is to provide solutions that help make the research process simple and seamless. One of those solutions is eDOCS Lite. As a RealTimeCTMS user, you automatically receive FREE access to eDOCS Lite, an eRegulatory document management system that is fully integrated with RealTime-CTMS.

With eDOCS Lite, you have access to ALL of the features available in the full version of eDOCS.  Customers often use eDOCS Lite to manage start-up documents up to the point of initiation.  Additionally, Staff Documents and the General Documents section located in the Admin section of RealTime are fully functional at all times and can provide huge value by allowing you to manage all of the documents with version control and expiration notifications at no cost, ever.  eDOCS Lite gives you the opportunity to start a study and manage all start-up documents until you are confident that it is moving forward before you commit to the paid version.

eDOCS Lite provides all the great features of the full version, which makes it easy and fast to obtain, store and access study files. The features include:

  • Study document storage (150 MB of free storage space comes with eDOCS Lite)
  • Version control
  • Complete audit trials
  • Sign-on-the-Line electronic signatures
  • A Professional, Education and Training Tracking (PETT) system to maintain CVs, licenses, and certifications
  • Integration with CTMS, PAY and TEXT all in a single platform
  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and GDPR

After you try eDOCS Lite and feel confident about the full value these features provide, you can upgrade to the full version and get unlimited storage to manage all your records electronically from study startup to closeout, as well as long-term storage at no additional cost.

If you’ve been thinking about moving to paperless clinical trials but are still on the fence, there is no risk to try eDOCS, and no extra cost if you already use the RealTimeCTMS. If you don’t yet have RealTime-CTMS, you can try both programs and revolutionize your research processes with incredibly powerful solutions at a great value.

To learn more or request a FREE demo of eDOCS, fill out the eDOCS form on our website.