Clinical Trial Naming Conventions: Refining Standards in Clinical Trial Management 

Clinical Trial Naming Conventions

Clinical trials operate under a strict framework of regulations and compliance standards, reinforcing the importance of meticulous record-keeping. Well-documented cases such as Vioxx serve as reminders for clinical research sites and academic medical centers conducting clinical trials, highlighting the critical nature of maintaining impeccable organization and regulatory adherence. As the volume of data and documents … Read more

Maximizing Budgets in Clinical Trials: The Financial Advantages of an Integrated eClinical Solution  

Maximizing Budgets in Clinical Trials

In an analysis published by Nature, nearly a quarter of all trials experienced setbacks due to strategic issues, commercial barriers, and operational challenges. The financial repercussions of such setbacks are significant, with drug developers facing potential losses ranging from $600,000 to $8 million per day. This statistic underscores the critical importance of effective, end-to-end clinical … Read more

How to Implement eSource – A Guide for Clinical Research Sites

How to implement esource

Increasingly, clinical research sites are replacing traditional paper-based processes with Electronic Source (eSource) technology in clinical trials. The shift from paper-based processes to eSource represents a significant step forward in improving efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. As sites prepare to make the transition, whether from paper or an existing vendor, it is essential to understand the … Read more

Premier Pediatric Research Center Adopts Complion’s eISF Platform to Strengthen Pediatric Research Excellence  

Pediatric Research Center Adopts Complion’s eISF

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March 26, 2024 — Complion, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of RealTime Software Solutions, LLC and a leader in eRegulatory solutions, proudly announces the latest adoption of its eRegulatory/eISF solutions by a leading, not-for-profit pediatric hospital and active research facility. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as another of the nation’s top … Read more

The Benefits of eRegulatory for Academic Medical Centers 

Principal Investigator holding a tablet

As of March 2024, there are almost 150,000 clinical studies registered in the United States, with Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) overseeing a staggering volume of clinical trials annually across various therapeutic areas. At the forefront of medical innovation, patient care, and medical education, AMCs drive advancements in healthcare while nurturing the next generation of medical … Read more

Improving Patient Engagement & Retention Strategies with ENGAGE!  

Improving Patient Engagement & Retention Strategies

Maintaining patient engagement and minimizing dropout rates in clinical trials is a persistent hurdle, with dropout rates soaring up to 30% in some studies. The National Institutes of Health underscores the importance of building trust, engaging communities, and ensuring clear and culturally sensitive communication at every stage, from pre-recruitment planning to post-study dissemination of results. … Read more

Behind the Software: Becoming a Great Place to Work 

Great place to work

RealTime has always believed that our people are our greatest asset. We are thrilled to announce that our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture has been recognized once again by a Great Place to Work® Certification! In this issue of Behind the Software: Becoming a Great Place to Work, we’re spotlighting the culture … Read more

What is a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)?

What is a CTMS

Clinical trials are fundamental in advancing medical science, offering new treatments and drugs to improve patient care. However, managing these trials is a complex task involving multiple stages and stakeholders. To streamline this process, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) have become essential for clinical research sites to organize efficient site management.  Historically, clinical trial management … Read more

What is eSource in Clinical Trials? Beyond Paper. 

What is eSource in Clinical Trials?

Technological advancements and adoption in clinical trials continue to reshape the way data is collected, managed, and analyzed by clinical research sites, sponsors and CROs. Over the last decade, Electronic Source (eSource) has gained prominence for enabling direct data entry by investigators, reducing transcription errors and enhancing data quality.   eSource in clinical trials is often … Read more

Save Our Sites LinkedIn Live – How Will RealTime Save Our Sites?

Save our sites linkedin live

Built for sites by a site owner, RealTime Software Solutions is designed to help sites overcome some of the top challenges that they’ll face in 2024. In this Save Our Sites LinkedIn Live – How is RealTime Working to Save Our Sites, the organizers of the upcoming Save our Sites conference, caught up with the founders of … Read more