Improving Clinical Trial Compliance: Top 5 eRegulatory Features for Academic Medical Centers  

Improving compliance in clinical trials

At the center of every clinical trial lies a maze of regulatory requirements, from FDA regulations to institutional review board (IRB) approvals, and improving compliance in clinical trials remains an imperative. For academic medical centers (AMCs), ensuring compliance with these regulations can be an overwhelming task, often requiring extensive paperwork, meticulous documentation, and stringent adherence … Read more

Premier Pediatric Research Center Adopts Complion’s eISF Platform to Strengthen Pediatric Research Excellence  

Pediatric Research Center Adopts Complion’s eISF

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, March 26, 2024 — Complion, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of RealTime Software Solutions, LLC and a leader in eRegulatory solutions, proudly announces the latest adoption of its eRegulatory/eISF solutions by a leading, not-for-profit pediatric hospital and active research facility. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, as another of the nation’s top … Read more